May 15, 2018

     Years ago I read Alvin Toffler’s book, "Future Shock," and I am still amazed at how prophetic it was, particularly the phenomenon Toffler termed overchoice. Consider the options presented in the purchase of a light bulb. Incandescent, fluorescent, or LED? How many lumen hours? How many watts (which in the case of LED bulbs is a whole ‘nuther ball of wax)? Dimmable or not? Indoor or outdoor or both? What size and shape bulb? Presented with so many choices, I did not feel—pun intended—illuminated. Rather, my dimmed, overloaded brain entertained stocking up on candles and matches and retreating to another century.

     And don’t get me started on paint colors.

     Recently, I decided to paint my sunroom. The color I had in mind was salmon, a subdued, pink-orange. Or, as I described to a friend who totally got what I meant, “a not too orangey-orange.” Simple, or so I thought until I stood in front of hundreds of sample paint col...

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