April 15, 2018



      I feel privileged and very thankful to be alive in this particular part of the world, at this particular time in history. But even the best day has its irritations, what I unoriginally refer to as First World Problems. Silly, niggling pet peeves which the French (who can describe a hangnail in existential terms) call bête noire. In fact, discussing my bugaboos in this blog, and other forms of public venting, is pretty darn irritating itself. Nevertheless, I will indulge myself in a brief list of things that really tick me off.

      The stuff people leave behind: snot-filled Kleenex in shopping carts, used personal hygiene items (Q-tips being the least offensive) in restrooms, hair anywhere. GROSS!

      Outdoor fixtures—lamps, flagpoles, wind chimes, barbecues—that rust. I mean, really.

      People who speed through parking lots.

      The alarms in cars, appliances, and mach...

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