May 15, 2020

     Whenever May appears in all its filigreed beauty—tree branches lined with tender leaves, landscapes dotted with blooming flowers—I imagine myself dancing around, extolling the pleasures of the lusty month of May like Vanessa Redgrave as Guinevere in “Camelot” (alas, without her great hair). The world has come alive again, anything is possible. And in all the hidden corners of the natural world, the birds and bees and critters are going about the business of propagating their species. To quote a line from “Bambi,” everyone is “twitter-pated.” (Now, of course, the word “twitter” evokes the social media platform. Comments there, however, are seldom of the Disney variety).

     To me, one of the joys of this season is bird-watching. I’m not an obsessive lister, though I am proud of my modest list which includes a cedar waxwing and a Cape May warbler spotted outside their migratory range. It was as if they had gotten on the wrong subway an...

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