February 15, 2018

     If anyone were to ask me for a few words of advice or wisdom (excluding the usual Do unto others and Always wear clean underwear), I would offer this nugget:

     Read as though your life depended on it—because it does.

     I was a precocious reader. Began reading at four, zipped through all the Nancy Drew mystery series titles by eight, began a lifelong engagement with the novels of Charles Dickens (every last one of them) at eleven. It is unthinkable for me not to have a book (or more) on my nightstand or in my handbag. Reading fills every minute of waiting, whether to board a flight, see the dentist, get through a checkout line. I will never understand or accept the excuse “I don’t have time to read.” I say, TURN OFF THE COMPUTER! AND THE PHONE! AND THE TELEVISION!

     When you read you’re not alone. When you read your mind fills with ideas and images outside of your narrow existence. When you read you empathize...

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