"I really enjoyed this book. It was well-written with complex, believable characters, a good mystery, and lots of humor. Gordon and Helen had excellent chemistry, clear motivations, and internal conflicts. I was rooting for them throughout the entire story. The secondary characters added intrigue and comic relief."

     Aspen Gold Reader's Choice Contest


"This novel is nothing if not satisfying. Sereno has created a complete world for her main characters to inhabit. The reader knows that behind the main story ... a whole town of characters are quietly going about their lives. ... will appeal to any reader looking for a quick, quirky read with a satisfyingly happy ending."

     5-star Authors Talk About It Review

"Helen of Troy, Illinois is a very well-written story. The descriptive writing of character and situations is compelling and realistic. The subtle hint of comedy within the dialogue made the relationships very authentic and relatable. The subplots are very strong and well-written. The twists and turns of the story are compelling. It is hard to put this book down once you start to read."

    4-star Readers' Favorite Book Reviews - Lesley Jones

"Helen and Gordon are strong, interesting characters bolstered by delightful animal friends. Lots of local color ... sex was done with good taste. Definitely a book to recommend to friends and family!" 

   5-star Amazon review - Joseph T. Ridgway

"I was engrossed in this story from the first page ... couldn't wait to get back to reading when I had to put my Kindle down. The writing is great, good character development and interaction. Love the side characters as well. Definitely 5 stars for me!"

   5-star Amazon review - Crystal's Cozy Corner Blog

"Great read! The author defines her characters (lead and supporting) so well that the reader can feel their needs and desires seep through the pages. Sequel, please!"

   5-star Amazon review - EJMP

"From the very first page you are hooked. I love the way the author combines humor, love, and drama. Helen and Gordon are strong, interesting characters. I also love the side characters. Definitely this is a great story. I was engrossed in the story from the beginning to the end."

   5-star Amazon review - Maria

"I loved the book. We need a second one. Read it in one day and couldn't put it down."

   5-star Amazon review - Brian/Gloria

"I loved this story. It was very entertaining ... a clever, modern romance novel."

   5-star Amazon review - Ramona Rodriguez

"Great romantic read ... kept my interest from the start, couldn't put it down. Very well-written!"

  5-star Amazon review - Rachel Warburton


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