WORD: Three little words

What is it about three-word sentences that makes them so effective at communicating? There’s a forceful rhythm to them, for one thing, making each word pack a punch. And summing up thoughts and sentiments so concisely implies confidence and certainty. Twitter restricts writers to 280 characters, but I think limiting thoughts to three sentences is more challenging and fun.

For obvious reasons," I love you" and "You complete me" have universal, timeless appeal. (As for personal appeal, nothing beats "Block this caller").

Interpretations of three-word sentences vary, depending on mood, disposition, life experience. "Back to school" may elicit "Oh, happy day" from a parent or "Oh, please no" from a student.

Some are unintentionally suggestive like "Slippery when wet" and "Fill ‘er up."

From snarky, "Suck on this," to Terminator nasty, "Fuck you, asshole" as Schwarzenegger so famously said, to Clint Eastwood’s iconic taunt, "Make my day," these sentences stick in the mind like crazy glue.

"Read my lips," "Watch this space," " Watch your step" are neutral directives, but "Kiss my ass", "Eat my shorts," "Suck on this" are anything but neutral. Damn satisfying, if the truth be told.

"Boy meets girl" opens up an entire world of possibilities—yet another reason why I write romance novels. And then, of course, there are those three other delicious words.

"Happily ever after."

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