RANDOM: Why, I ask you. Why.

… do detectives on TV shows/movies write in teeny, tiny notebooks when they’re interviewing suspects?

… do labels on products leave glue gunk behind that is impossible to get off?

… do lines on forms/applications leave so little space to fill in information, especially email addresses?

… do hotels never have enough (or any) hooks/shelves to put your stuff? And public bathrooms too, for that matter?

… do basements flood when you’re not home?

… do good books end too soon and boring conversations and bad dreams go on forever?

… do potato chips taste so fricking good?

… do guys pick their noses in their cars and think nobody sees them?

… do robo-callers get away with harassing people?

… do Sundays feel different from every other day of the week?

… do socks get lost in the washer/dryer?

… do women get plastic surgery on their faces so that they look like caricatures?

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