RANDOM: Guilt-free

I went to Catholic school for twelve years so feeling guilty about pretty much everything comes with the territory. Guilt is both a habit and a default setting. It takes serious effort to conquer it (not that some guilt isn’t a necessary part of being an ethical person), but goshdarnit I’ve tried.

In the interest of enjoying life to its fullest, forthwith are some things I refuse to feel guilty about:


Eating potato chips. And ice cream.

Splurging on expensive underwear.


Buying books. And shoes.

You know what.

Did I mention naps?

Reading when I’m supposed to be (fill in the blank).

Avoiding toxic people. And boring ones.

Tipping extravagantly.

Stop reading a book that simply isn’t doing it for me.

Binge-watching BBC detective series.

Getting off the grid.

That is all.

For now.

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