RANDOM: For which I am truly grateful

It goes without saying I am grateful for all the loving people in my life. In the interest of not taking anything for granted, though, I remind myself to be thankful for …

The healthy spring of my legs out of bed every morning, my feet on a warm floor.

My eyes that see, my lungs that breathe clean air.

The water that runs freely through the pipes for me to drink and shower beneath.

Refrigeration. The food in the refrigerator. The electricity that runs it.

Having a plan for my day and the means to carry it out.

The town infrastructure that picks up my trash, keeps the library open, cleans the streets.

The countless, invisible people who go to work every day, despite illness, worries, and troubles, to support the occupations that keep this old world turning.

The natural rhythms of my body telling me it’s time to eat, exert, sleep.

To all of these I say,

Thankee, thankee, thankee

From one darn grateful Yankee

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