RANDOM: Life is stranger than fiction, part 2

Years ago, I collected newspaper articles that were funny, tragic, outlandish, or sometimes a combination of all three. While still an avid reader of print news media, I no longer cut out unusual articles. I am listing some of the more notable headlines in my collection that illuminate this weird, wild, unpredictable world we live in.

Hired clown is accused of exposing himself in store [Moline, IL]

Man recovers from injury he incurred as wife gave birth [Centerton, AR]

Woman bites testicles off of alleged attacker [Chicago, IL]

Judge orders motorist who blasted radio to listen to four hours of polka music [Cambridge, OH]

Man sentenced to prison in Three Stooges scheme [Lubbock, TX]

Man’s leg is found 700 miles from wreck [Chicago, IL]

Man gives phone the finger, phone won’t give it back [Cahokia, IL]

Springfield man legally changes his name to Bubba Bubba Bubba [Springfield, IL]

Severed head falls out of man’s truck [Boise, ID]

Python swallows electric blanket [Ketchum, ID]

Student sues school over fallen moose head [Uniontown, PA]

Hang on to your funny bone. More to come next month.

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