RANDOM: Life is stranger than fiction, part 4

And now, the final list of weird, wacky headlines from newspaper articles I’ve collected to start the year off on the right foot (with a banana peel under it).

Cursing cockatoo stirs up trouble [Providence, RI]

Thieves snatch 5 tons of Nutella in Germany

Man arrested with brother in fight over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich [Des Moines, IA]

Massive snowball gets away from students, crashes into college dorm [Portland, OR]

Cops arrest man in toe-sucking case [Charlotte, NC]

Biker in Spain stops traffic in search for teeth [Madrid]

Goldfish in custody in Norway

Driver: Bigfoot made me hit deer [Moscow, ID]

Lawsuit settles over monkey selfie

Police flesh out answers in case of naked passengers [Edmonton, Alberta]

That’s all, folks!

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