RANDOM: Time's a'wastin'

In my previous blog, I wrote of the virtues of paying close attention, of living in the moment (and the risks of not doing so). My worst enemy to this mindfulness is anything that wastes precious time that could be spent looking, reflecting, and … letting time flow by like a lazy river. Actually, wasting time (unless it’s being mindfully wasted like that river I just mentioned) is the enemy to everything. But there are ways to defeat this time-suck opponent.


Television and other screen activities: turn them off. Or starve the monsters with a measly diet of fifteen minutes here or there. Read a book, magazine, newspaper (in print). Heck, read the cereal box.

Standing in line or sitting in a waiting room: construct imaginary lives for the people surrounding you, even the guy with the tattoo snaking down his arms.

Waiting for the coffee to brew: just go with this one. The pre-caffeinated state demands enough energy.

Listening to people discuss their ailments: grit your teeth and go with this one too. A lot of their time is spent suffering and worrying so you can share some of the burden.

Sitting in traffic: ditch the car, ride public transportation so you can read or snooze or eavesdrop on the conversation of the two girls behind you who have a serious issue with their thighs.

Being put on hold on the telephone: compose dirty limericks or, if horrendous music is playing, compose obituary notices.

Parties: don’t go. Seriously.

Continuing relationships with toxic people: if someone makes you miserable, leave them in the dust. Life’s too short.


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